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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The soft drinks great boom

Among youngsters it’s very common to hear they have soft drinks almost at any moment of the day. But, we should ask ourselves...
Is that good for their health?
Do soft drinks contain what they need to grow?
The answer is definitely NO

Kids may be used to drinking sodas at any time, even in the morning, when they’ve recently got up. As adults we should be aware of soda’s negative aspects:

  • International surveys have shown that carbonated soft drinks consumption has doubled in recent years, increasing overweight figures.
  • Drinking about 9 ounces of soft drink, may be equivalent to 130 calories.
  • Kids who consume soft drinks, have a tendency to skip any of the main meals during the day.
  • Soft drinks don’t include calcium and that’s crucial for their development.
The aspects mentioned above are some of the effects soft drinks may have on kids (and on adults as well).
If you know any other, please share with us!