Saturday, June 23, 2012

Phrase of the day (1)

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.
- Vincent J. Lombardi-

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Children’s wristbands

Tag your Toddler wristbands

Children love being trendy wearing colourful, fancy silicone wristbands. Sometimes, these wristbands may support specific causes or send a statement.
These long-lasting quality rubber bracelets are the perfect solution of party favours, fundraiser items, or just for fun!

There are of different types and they bring about a variety of benefits. For example, you may find the Children Safety Awareness Wristbands, which are very economical and are specifically designed to add your child's name and contact information should your child get lost.

Among the benefits of these wristbands, we may mention the following:
1)       Some are used in schools, as a means of security and identification.
2)       If your child is lost, a wristband with your cell phone number can quickly reunite you.
3)       Other wristbands are used at birthday parties or other celebrations, and are given  as gifts so the guests remember the special occasion.
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nursery Rhymes

Most children love being told nursery rhymes. They contain rhyming words and lovely tunes. most popular nursery rhymes are listed here with their origins. ONce you read them, they'll rinmg you the bell and make you go back to you childhood! Can you remember the tunes to the nursery rhymes? Make an effort, so that you can tell them to your kids.
Good luck =)

Jack and Jill
Humpty Dumpty
Sing a song of sixpence
Hey diddle diddle!
Pussycat Pussycat!

In case you wanna have a broader picture on this, visit

See you soon!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Did you know a bear's senses are important to its survival?


Bears have great senses smell, sight and hearing.
Bears can smell any kind of food from from long distances. Even being far away. Bears also mark their territtory with their urine as cats do.
Their most developed sense is the eysight. Bears can identify fruit or nuts at long distances.
They also use their hearing sense to track the position of other animals which might be their prays.
Good for bears!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The soft drinks great boom

Among youngsters it’s very common to hear they have soft drinks almost at any moment of the day. But, we should ask ourselves...
Is that good for their health?
Do soft drinks contain what they need to grow?
The answer is definitely NO

Kids may be used to drinking sodas at any time, even in the morning, when they’ve recently got up. As adults we should be aware of soda’s negative aspects:

  • International surveys have shown that carbonated soft drinks consumption has doubled in recent years, increasing overweight figures.
  • Drinking about 9 ounces of soft drink, may be equivalent to 130 calories.
  • Kids who consume soft drinks, have a tendency to skip any of the main meals during the day.
  • Soft drinks don’t include calcium and that’s crucial for their development.
The aspects mentioned above are some of the effects soft drinks may have on kids (and on adults as well).
If you know any other, please share with us!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend getaway!!!

There's no better option than getting away with your kids during a LONG weekend!
Kids enjoy going to far way places when spare time arrives. So, don't hesitate to choose one of the following options listed below. But... before packing up things, read the following pieces of advice:

You might go to...
- the mountains
- the lake
- a Summer Camp
- the beach

You should take...
- the mountains ( walking shoes, binoculars, camera, warm clothes, waterbottle, canned food, matches, etc)
- the lake ( a fishing rod, canned food, baggy pants, camera, towels,etc)
- a Summer Camp (a flashlight, a tent, walking shoes, towels, caps, matches, canned food or sandwiches, etc)
- the beach ( swimsuits for everyone, sunscreen, flipflops, sunglasses, fruit, cooler, cold drinks, towels, etc)

What else could we take? We are open to suggestions!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Winter Activities


Winter is usually a season when most of outdoor activies cannot be done because of weather conditions. However, kids are fascinated by the idea of going out to the yard and making huge snowballs as well as going sledding.
Of course, there are even more activities to do in winter. Let's find out which they are:

  • Making hot chocolate together and baking some cookies can be a perfect activity for a freezing afternoon at home.
  • Visiting the local library and checking all the books with Winter themes, can encourage them to learn more about this incredible season.
  • Going ise-skating or sledding together can be perfect for a snowy day.
  • Building a fort inside the house, using chairs, tables and even blankets! Tey may feel thrilled doing this!
  • Making a snowman using grandpa's clothes and glasses can be total fun. 
    Can you think of any other? Please let us know!

Books for all ages...

What do our kids read? Sometimes, it's very difficult to choose books for all ages. Despite this, there are some books which are and will be considered books for "all ages". These books contain stories read by our parents and even our grandparents. Kids can dive into fiction worlds, which are not stained by hatred, pain or sorrow. It's still possible to read stories, with high-spirit characters, full of grace and joy.
Thus, I highly recommend the following books. They are classics, and you may have read them for sure.




Lego: Choosing quality

LEGO is a private company settled in Billund, Denmark. The company belongs to Kirk Kristainsen family, who founded the company in 1932.
Lego's mission is to foster kids' creativity through playing and learning. Based on the wideworld known brick LEGO, the company provides toys, experiences and educational materials for kids in more than 130 countries.
You can learn more about this company, entering into its site.
Surf the web and you'll discover that playing can perfeclty go hand in hand with learning.

A Monkey Cardboard Plate Mask

What about making a monkey cardboard plate mask? You'll need the following:


  • cardboard
  • plastic plate
  • scissors
  • glue
  • non-toxic paint
  • markers

1) Paint the plate the colour you want your animal to be. It could be brown.
2) Use a marker to draw some hair all over the plate to make it look even more real.
3) Cut out the ears and different parts of the face and colour them as you wish.
4) Glue the mouth, ears and eyes to the plastic plate. 
5) Instead of drawing eyes, you can cut out them so that the child can peer through the holes.
6) Use a rope or ribbon attached to either side to hold the child's head.

And... start jumping like a monkey!!!

Why is reading so important?

Reading opens our minds to imagination and creation. When we read something, our mind immediately gets into that world, which may or not be similar to our world or the world of others. Reading fantasy stories make our mind fly, creating the characters as we incorporate the words. We may also feel part of that scenery, not wanting to miss a part of what happens.

When people read, they get to know the world in different way. They may have varied perspectives and opinions about their own realities.
So, if you are not so fond of reading, it's a good opportunity to start... you'll never regret it!

Super chocolate cookies

Wanna eat some delicious chocolate cookies?
Try this recipe!


- butter - 200 gr
- milk - 75 cc
- chocolate chips - 120 gr
- sugar - 250 gr
- vanilla scent - 1 tea spoonfull
- eggs - 1
- flour- 350 gr


1) Beat the butter and sugar until you get a creamy pastry.
2) Add the flour and the milk VERY slowly.
3) Sprinkle the chocolate chips all over the pastry and mix again.
4) Put spoonfulls of pastry over a buttered tray and put it into the oven.
5) Bake the cookies for about 15 minutes.

Enjoy them! Do you know any other tasty recipe? Please send it and we'll post it!

Going back to school...

Going back to school may be a hard task for parents to accomplish. However, there are some tips parents could follow to make this event less difficult.

1) Avoid using the TV before going to bed. Instead, encourage quieter games such as guessing games, or story telling.

2) Make sure you prepare kids' backpacks and clothes the night before going to school. That will prevent from arriving late, in case something unexpected comes up.

3) Tell your children stories about your childhood and school. They may feel identified with your anecdotes.

4) Ask children what they would like to have for their lunch at school. Make sure to include "that" item in their lunch bags.

5) Label chidren's objects with their names. Children are prone to lose objects during first days of school.

6) Make your own calendar. In that way, you'll not forget when school starts and finishes each day.

Can you think of any other tip? Please let us know and we'll share it!