Thursday, August 23, 2012

Writing journals

  An interesting way to keep record of what we do, or have done during the day, is writing journals. I strongly recommend this to everyone, especially kids.
The idea of keeping their own journal, has to do specifically with putting the pen down to paper and start writing what comes to their mind. And what about grammar and spelling? You may wonder, well... that is important too. But in 1rst place children should be encouraged to write everything that they can think of or just remember. This activity will help them to enhance the following:
1) to develop the ability of remembering what they've done, and in case a funny anecode is worth telling , they will have it there, written down, to re-read it in the future.
2) it helps to develop fluency. Sometimes, kids know how to write accurately but they run out of words easily. Writing journals gives them the freedom of putting their own ideas onto paper, wihout stopping. Moreover, the flow of thoughts will come out rapidly in the form of natural sentences.
3) to encourage them to have their own diary, but in a book format. The purpose is not writing  short sentences, but whole stories, with their own words, and full of their own feelings. That means, to write events as they see, or feel them.
Once they've finished their journals, they can re-read them after some hours or even the following day. It's precisely then when they should correct their grammar mistakes, spelling and punctuation. But the story is already there, composed and ready to be read!
Where to write?
It can be a cheap notebook, or a couple of pages you may then join all together. The idea is that the kids have their own record of stories and anecdotes.
An important tip!
Children may write whenever they want, but finding a certian moment, such as before going to bed, or after lunch, This, can give them the opportunity of finding their own time for doing things. And of course, they can add drawings if they desire!


  1. Great post. Journal writing is SO important for kids and adults.

    Journal writing can also lead to song writing - and I happen to be a song writer, so I should know! And, on our site ( we have a lot of songs that I wrote. For grammar, punctuation, word families and even spelling!

    So, thanks for the post! Really enjoyed it!
    Wendy @ kiboomu

  2. Thanks so much for this comment.We really appreciate them. I guess jorunals are the trigger for many other activities, and what you've said is true. They can be also useful for song writing.
    I've added your blog under the "blogs we follow" headline, so I hope others readers will visit your site as well. Thanks again, and keep in touch!
    regards =)
    P.S: I'd like to know where to comment on your site. Let me know

  3. My son loves to write. He has been doing this since he was five.