Friday, July 27, 2012

How to make a sock puppet

   If you happen to have old socks, don't throw them away! Pick them up and make a sock puppet for your kids.

Materials needed:  
 - an  old sock. : It can be of any colour. be sure it's long enough to slip your hand and elbow inside 
 - google eyes: These would make your puppet look more real! 
 - glue 
 - fabric paint/ fabric markers 
 - cloth of assorted patterns  
 - needle, thread and scissors


 1) Flatten the heel of the sock and cut out a V shape in the center of the flattened heel. Stitch the cut edges closed; this will form two pointy ears. Then, turn the sock inside out.

2) At the toe end of the sock, push in to form an indented mouth all the way around the toe end. Using double thread, sew running stitch around the folded edge; once you reach the end, pull the thread to gather it. This creates the mouth shape

3)  Glue or sew on the eyes at the appropriate spot above the mouth.

4) If you'd like this sock puppet to have whiskers, cut whisker length pieces of string or cord. Sew into place at the top center of the mouth.

5)  Cut out a tongue from felt or fabric. Make it tongue-shaped and try to use fabric in a suitable tongue color. Sew or glue the tongue inside the mouth of the sock puppet, so that most of it hangs out.

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