Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Packing a child's suitcase

  A good idea for packing your child’s suitcase is letting him/her be part of the process. For this, I hereby give you the following useful tips:
 1) It’s always useful to prepare matching outfits in advance for each day of your trip. In this way, you’ll avoid debate on what to wear each day. Always be sure of having extra outfits, in case she/he stains it with some food.
2) Explain how the weather is going to be, and let the kid choose what he/she will wear. In this way, he/she will take a leading role in choosing the clothes and will be happy once he/she has to dress up. Although the child will be in control of choices, you may also decide what’s more appropriate, though.
3) It’s always a good idea to put each outfit in a different plastic bag. This prevents the clothes from getting stains and from mixing with other non-matching outfits.
4) Remember to sew the child’s name inside all the clothes, so that in case he/she loses an item, they can find it easily.
5) If he/she is allowed to take candies or snacks, pack some in an extra bag, and put it in one of the pockets of the bags.
6) In case the child wants to take toys, he can put them inside a plastic bag, in one of the corners of the suitcase. Be sure, you include a list of the toys he/she takes, so that once back home, you can check whether something is missing or not. Avoid putting toys with small parts, because they can get lost easily.
7) Make sure the child’s backpack is not too heavy, since this is not good for their back care.


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