Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Are video games dangerous?

  Most of the people believe that video games are bad for kids, while there are others who think just the opposite. Video games can teach kids many skills, which can be useful in the long run. Video games help children to develop eye coordination. That is to say, while they are concentrated on pressing the joystick button, they are looking at every corner of the screen. They can see EVERYTHING! I don't know how, but they develop this strategy of being alert to what happens on the upper corner, while their character is in the other corner. Secondly, some games teach children to get involved into cooperative activities. That means, some games demand kids to become part of a team. The team's goal is to defeat their opponent, and for that purpose they must "gather" their powers and abilities. This teaches youngsters, that being part of a group, is very important when you want to achieve a difficult goal, which otherwise it would be impossible. Moreover, they learn to respect turns, since in this kind of games, one member plays at a time. 

As we said before, while we find these advantages, there may be others who think video games are really dangerous for kids. These people claim that playing too much video games, causes kids to avoid playing outside which is both fun and healthy. traditional games such as hide and seek, or jumping the rope, may alse be interesting at a certain age, and they may also bring about benefits in kids' health, since they are using their bodies to get engaged. Then, there may be virtual games which ONLY concentrate on shooting and killing, and this is seen as a total drawback. Kids tend to believe that, as in video games, l engaging in violent situations in the only way to solve problems, and this belief leaves aside the idea that "talking" can be a good alternative for sorting  obstacles. Lastly, the fact of being too much into video games, make kids "forget" about their homework and duties, and this may result in serious and poor academic results. Morever, children who spend long hours using their game consoles, may oversleep and turn into school late comers. As a conclusion, parents should be the ones who supervise the relation children-videogames, since they are the grown ups who know what's right and what's not. Kids are kids, and if you let them be all day long in front of the computer, they will definitely be there ALL DAY.

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