Monday, June 4, 2012

Winter Activities


Winter is usually a season when most of outdoor activies cannot be done because of weather conditions. However, kids are fascinated by the idea of going out to the yard and making huge snowballs as well as going sledding.
Of course, there are even more activities to do in winter. Let's find out which they are:

  • Making hot chocolate together and baking some cookies can be a perfect activity for a freezing afternoon at home.
  • Visiting the local library and checking all the books with Winter themes, can encourage them to learn more about this incredible season.
  • Going ise-skating or sledding together can be perfect for a snowy day.
  • Building a fort inside the house, using chairs, tables and even blankets! Tey may feel thrilled doing this!
  • Making a snowman using grandpa's clothes and glasses can be total fun. 
    Can you think of any other? Please let us know!

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